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I have used Celebrate products for my patients, both before as well as after bariatric surgery for over three years. In fact, I have been using protein supplements for my patients for 18 years. I can say, without hesitation that the Celebate protein products (bars and shakes) are the best in the market in terms of quality, taste, as well as affordability. I speak with my patients extensively and I know that they love them and use them extensively both the protein bars, as well as the protein shakes. With regards to the 4 in 1 Celebrate protein shakes, I will also say with great confidence that they are very reliable in terms of providing an adequate vitamin amount without the need of additional supplementation, as we check vitamin levels postoperatively every 3 months. The Celebrate Rebuilt shakes are of excellent taste and with a good variety of flavors for all tastes as are the protein bars. Finally, we also use the Celebrate multivitamins and calcium supplements extensively and we are very satisfied with their performance.

Dr. Ioannis Raftopoulost

You are an absolute pleasure to work with! Celebrate is a high-quality bariatric brand with a very good price-point. Our providers and patients love the once daily MVI with and without iron and the calcium chews. I have appreciated your customer service and knowledge tremendously.

Julie Kokinakes

Multicare Center for Weight Loss and Wellness

MultiCare Center for Weight Loss and Wellness has been carrying Celebrate products for over 5 years. We continue to be impressed with the quality, taste and patient satisfaction. Megan has been wonderful to work and an expert regarding all the different vitamins and supplements. I highly recommend the Celebrate products and it gives me the peace of mind knowing that our patients are getting quality products that meet the ASMBS standards.

Nancy Vander Linden RD, CD, CSOWM

Parkview Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery

Celebrate vitamins has always been great for our postoperative bariatric surgery patients! We have received so much positive feedback about the taste and texture being perfect for after surgery patients, not to mention affordable. The Celebrate Vitamins company has always been easy to work with and supportive for our office staff as well as helpful to our patients. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to keeping our bariatric patients healthy!

Jenna Walker MS, RDN, LD - Bariatric Coordinator

The Franciscan Midwest Bariatric Institute

At our clinic, we promote Celebrate Vitamin’s for the programs overall value to our clients. Celebrate provides excellent customer service, innovative products, and competitive prices. Co Vid 19 really sucks, Celebrate does not. Wonder if this one will make the cut. lol

Dale Batz, RD

SMG Bariatrics

To all my weight loss surgery patients, I recommend Bariatric specific vitamin and mineral supplements right away because proper nutrition is crucial for long term success. Celebrate takes the stress out of it and makes nutrition simple, fun, and tasty. With different flavors and options designed to meet your vitamin and mineral needs, Celebrate has got you covered!

Brooke Bubolz, MS, RD - Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

Weight Management Solutions Mercy Health - Lima

Celebrate is a great company to work with on supporting our patients thru their weight loss and bariatric journey. The phone representatives are always happy to help you obtain the products you need and will gladly ship them to your home in a timely manner. Celebrate Vitamins has fantastic resources on their website for anyone interested. They keep you up to date on vitamin/protein recommendations and are always backed up with the latest evidenced based research. We have appreciated the ongoing online support (eg Facebook, YouTube) Celebrate Vitamins has provided during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep all our patients supported during these challenging times!

Becky Niekamp, RD, LD - Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

Advocate Good Shepard

I was asked to write a comment regarding my experience with Celebrate products. I have four points I perceive as greatest strengths.

  1. Composition. I am always confident that Celebrate products consistently comply with the recommendations set forth by the ASMBS Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Perioperative Nutritional, Metabolic and Nonsurgical Support of the Bariatric Surgery Patient.
  2. Flavor/Cost: Having worked almost exclusively with Bariatric patients for the past 11 years, I have offered a variety of vitamins and supplements to my patients. Without a doubt, patients prefer the taste and appreciate the reasonable cost of the Celebrate products. At our facility, we have established a QR code and patients can order products directly from this link, a convenience they appreciate.
  3. Dosing Options: Celebrate provides an extensive list of options for vitamins based on surgery type, nutrient requirement, chewable vs capsule and flavors. I like knowing I am recommending the correct amount of nutrients needed, based on the patient and type of surgery. Not too much or too little, as with some vitamins. In addition, Celebrate products are dosed such that the patient is taking the least number of pills possible, often, just one vitamin plus 2-3 calcium soft chews/day.
  4. Professional Support: Bariatric Surgery is a unique area of Weight Management. Most facilities do not have large numbers of Bariatric RD's on staff. When vitamin/supplement questions arise, the responsiveness and support of our Celebrate Representative, Nadea Minet is unparalleled. For example, when one of our surgeons announced he would be doing the SADI-S procedure, I called Nadea and received recommended vitamin information for this procedure immediately. Within a few days, I had received sample vitamins and recommendation tear pads. The surgeons I work with support the Celebrate products and have been impressed with the level of responsiveness to any vitamin question we have ever had.

I hope you find this feedback helpful. I can assure you, I choose products for my patients thoughtfully and feel Celebrate provides the best products on the market at this time.

Melodi Peters, RD, LDN. - Bariatric Dietitian

Celebrate is wonderful to work with both in terms of their products and their customer service! My patients love the variety of type and flavor available and I'm always referring them to the educational resources on the Celebrate website which is such a huge added bonus.

Sara Barchie, RD/LD

Comprehensive Obesity Management Program - GBMC Health Partners

Celebrate truly lives up to their mission statement of being affordable, including options, having amazing customer service, and a high standard of quality. The education they provide is stellar and as a registered dietitian, I am always confident in recommending Celebrate to my patients as they are ASMBS compliant. Their staff is warm and friendly and I enjoy collaborating with them professionally. I couldn’t ask for anything more from a supplement company. Thank you, Celebrate!

Jana Wolff, RDN, LDN - Director of Nutrition

When patients are looking for an easy vitamin regimen that ensures they are meeting their needs, I often recommend Celebrate vitamins. Celebrate always follows ASMBS guidelines and clearly states which vitamin supplements are intended for which surgeries. This makes the process SO much easier for patients to use and for practitioners to recommend. The prices are also unbeatable. When you are working with a diverse population, having an inexpensive, tasty, and reliable vitamin supplement, it is an easy choice! As much as patients have enjoyed these vitamins, I have maybe been even more happy to recommend them.

Taylor Knittel, RD LD

Orlando Health

I have been sharing the Celebrate Vitamins with my Bariatric patients for the past 7 years that I have been working as the Bariatric Dietitian. I especially like the fact that all the multivitamins have the water miscible form of the Fat soluble ADEKs Vitamins. These help with maximum absorption especially for the Duodenal Switch patients. This is the only way we can keep the patient’s blood work in the normal range! I also love the tasty soft chew Calcium Citrates, especially all their new flavors!

Gayle Brazzi Smith, MS RD LD

As a registered dietitian in the field of Obesity for the past 20 years, I have found Celebrate vitamins to be of high quality, provide a wide array of variety and are affordable. The company provides up to date research and support for patients and professionals alike. I have always appreciated the quick response to questions and ongoing education provided by our Celebrate rep.

Valerie Brookbank, RDN,LD, CSOWM

Weight Loss Solutions

Celebrate is an excellent company for post-surgical vitamin/mineral supplementation. Their products are consistently up to date with the latest recommendations and they offer a great flavor profile. Our team of dietitians feel confident recommending Celebrate to patients.

Mary Hayen, MS, RDN, LDN - Clinical Program Director

Two years ago Dr. Baker and I opened an independent clinic specializing in Bariatric Medicine. We serve hundreds of patients looking for medical weight-loss and also those who need a pre-op dietary plan before having Bariatric surgery. Dr. Baker (a bariatric surgery patient himself) and our team of registered dietitians chose Celebrate products after trying many different brands. We wanted a company that provided high quality nutrition in many forms in order to meet the varying needs of our patients. Celebrate products come in a wide variety of products and flavors, meet all of our RD standards, taste great, and are an excellent value. When patients fill out a survey after completing our program, Celebrate products nearly always receive a 10 out of 10 rating. Celebrate has also been incredible to work with and their staff is attentive, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about their product line as well as current trends in our field. I highly recommend that any clinic looking to add nutritional supplements to their practice consider working with Celebrate!

Mary Baker - Marketing Director / MWL Coach

Weight Management and Bariatric Center - Lutheran Health Network

We sell Celebrate products at our clinic because they offer great flavors and varieties of textures while meeting ASMBS recommendations. We have had patients qualify for their Celebrate Assist program, too, and were able to have their vitamins completely covered! Personally, I think the Calcium soft chews taste amazing and enjoy taking them myself!

Kelly O'Hara, RDN - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Our company has worked with Celebrate Vitamins for over a decade now. They offer our patients a huge variety of Bariatric Supplements with a large selection of flavors that taste great! The representatives are knowledgeable, friendly, & are always available when you need them! Our medical providers trust and recommend Celebrate Vitamins to all of our patients.

Jessica Anton - Practice Manager

What amazing products! Not only do they meet the specified guidelines there are so many options for our patients!

Lisa Guyton, Certified Bariatric Coach - Manager of Bariatrics

Weight Management and Bariatric Center - Lutheran Health Network

Nadea Minet is a wonderful representative for Celebrate Vitamins for our department. She always responds immediately to any requests we have for vitamin ordering or delivery. Our patients are happy with the flavors. A great company to work with.

Debbie Hattaway - Unit Secretary

Schneck Medical Center

Celebrate has been a great resource for our bariatric program! Their products are user friendly for patients and taste great. Nadea, their Registered Dietitian, keeps us stocked with product samples and is always helpful and prompt with answering any questions that we have.

Lesley Kendall, MS, RD, LD - Nutrition Services Manager

Springfield Weight Management

We use and recommend Celebrate products to patients in all of our weight management programs including surgical, medicine and diet-based. The variety and quality of protein options makes it easy for us as providers to help patients make good choices. We initially chose to work with Celebrate because the quality met our needs, but our patients keep using the products because they also taste good! Our Celebrate consultant is very knowledgeable, and quick to respond when we need anything! It’s been a great experience for us from the beginning.

Jackie Dahlberg MS, RDN, LD - Dietitian and Program Coordinator

Unity Point Clinic Weight Loss Specialist - West Des Moines

We have had a positive experience working with Celebrate. They are very responsive and thorough in answering any questions that we have. They keep us up to date with any changes that are made to their products. They also provide samples for us to give patients so the patients can try the product before deciding if they want to purchase them. Celebrate has reached out to local grocery stores to make sure the products we recommend are accessible to patients who are not comfortable with purchasing them online.

Brittany Beal, RD, LD

Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist

As a dietitian, I appreciate that Celebrate’s products are formulated in line with latest research on the unique needs of patients after bariatric surgery. Our Celebrate representative has been an excellent resource, having extensive knowledge in the field, and has been always willing to share education and answer our questions. Patients appreciate the simplicity of being able to find everything they need in one place, with an extensive variety of formulations and flavors to meet their needs and preferences.

Haylee M. Hannah MS, RD, LD, CSOWM

Celebrate Vitamins, is more than just a vitamin company. They not only focus on research to assure that their products meet recommended guidelines, but they are also a patient advocate providing top notch education and value to their vitamin users.

Dr. Carl Pesta

Clinical Dietitian

We hear a lot of great feedback about Celebrate products from patients. They love the variety of options and flavors and we like that because the more options they have, the more likely patients are to actually be complaint with taking their vitamins and supplements. It’s a win-win. Also, we feel comfortable recommending Celebrate as we know they are meeting ASMBS requirements

Garrett Swisher, RD

Clinical Dietitian

Celebrate has amazing products that help bariatric patients meet their macronutrient and micronutrient needs. I recommend Celebrate brand protein and vitamins because they have a great tasting product that also adheres to the ASMBS guidelines!

Tyler Townsend, MS, RDN, LDN

Ellner Bariatrics

My patients love Celebrate vitamins! The formulations are perfect for bariatric surgery patients and the unique flavors drastically improve compliance.

Dr. Julie Ellner

St Charles Hospital – Redmond

Megan - I just want to thank you for the timeliness and support you have provided over the years from Celebrate. Our bariatric and metabolic surgery program has improved due to your information and samples of dynamite products for those with a short GI system. Most patients prefer to purchase on-line and on their own. We provide samples to each person scheduled for bariatric surgery and along with nutritional guidelines (we also include the tear off sheets provided on pads sent by Celebrate), people report enjoyment of the products. The supplements are fantastic! People like getting months delivered and have had no complaints, but only compliments on professionalism of the staff, quick deliveries, and reasonable prices. Oh... If I email a question, I’ve received feedback and articles to back up the suggestions with Celebrate a super, respected resource. Thanks again - LuAnn

LuAnn Lehnertz, RD LD, CDE

Evergreen Hospital

I frequently recommend Celebrate Vitamin products to my patients for the high quality, great value and being the only company that truly fulfills the ASMBS guidelines for supplementation. I have turned to Celebrate as one of my preferred brands since the beginning of my RD career over the last 5 years. On the backend, working with Megan has been nothing but amazing. She is incredibly friendly, personable, professional and reliable. I know I can rely on her when I run into an issue with a product order or when I have questions about anything. When I started my new job, I reached out to re-establish the hospital connection and she was so supportive in replenishing our samples and materials! I love having Megan as my rep!

Adriana Ho, MS, RDN, CSOWM - Clinical Bariatric Dietitian

Community Bariatric Surgeons

Nadea is so easy to work with and we especially love how she is not pushy. That being said, she is always available for support and if not available, will get back to our office quickly. She is consistent and timely in all communication and always lets me know when she gets our orders or if there are any questions or issues with my order. Nadea makes working with Celebrate seamless and an easy recommendation for anyone looking for bariatric vitamin care and support.

Jenny Johnston MA, RD, CD, CSOWM - Registered Dietitian - Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management

OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center

Our bariatric clinic recommends Celebrate vitamins for all post-bariatric patients. We have compared many vitamin regimens, including other bariatric brands and generic brands. Celebrate has proven to be simple and affordable for patients, which has improved compliance and long-term nutritional outcomes. The company provides excellent support with up-to-date information, product samples, and very knowledgeable professional staff. I highly recommend Celebrate vitamins for the bariatric community!

Jenny Reay, RD, LDN - Bariatric Coordinator, Registered Dietitian

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